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Tesla stock is down 50% from it's all time high, is it a good time to pick some up now?

Is Tesla undervalued now?

  • With Tesla's recent Q3 results,

    • experienced y-o-y revenue growth of 55%

      • bringing their LTM revenue up to USD75 billion.

  • At this point of writing (22Oct22)

    • Tesla's stock price has fallen up to 50% from their all time high price.

    • However, with their current LTM revenue amount,

      • even when the stock bounce back to its' all time high price of $414 per share (priced during 4Nov2021)

        • that will give the stock a PS ratio of 17X.

  • Since Tesla's median Price to Sale ratio (since its inception) is 16X.

    • Its current valuation is an attractive range.

    • Needless to say, if Tesla just maintain a 25% rev growth into next year

How are Tesla products received in the market?

  • Valuation aside,

  • One of the most important metrics for a company's future success

    • is how their products & services offered

      • are received by the market they are serving.

    • and one way to find out is to look at the ratings & reviews of their products,

      • both by the customers & also from

      • prominent reviewers in the industry.

  • Attached in the google sheet is the reviews and ratings for Tesla's

    • Automotive segment (make up 96% of their Revenue)

      • Model 3

      • Model Y

      • Model S

      • Model X

        • note: 94% of the segment's sales come from Model 3 & Y

    • & Energy Generation and storage segment (make up 4% of total Revenue)

      • Tesla Solar Roof

      • Tesla Solar Panel products

  • Tesla product reviews (

How I decide which review websites to use?


  • Although owners' reviews on sites like

    • for their cars are not satisfactory

    • along with poor customer service feedbacks accumulated on sites like

  • The scores for Tesla's car products are high from:

  • Coupled with Tesla Model Y being awarded as the Best Electric Vehicle in 2022 on

  • give me confidence that Tesla cars are in a good position to continue to succeed in the EV space.

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