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How to budget so you can save & invest more at the end of the day.


🔑 The template attached helps you save extra unused money at the end of the day, so you can use them for long-term investments.



First things first, open a sub account for "untouchable funds"

  • Check with your bank how you can open a sub account

    • many of them offer these which do not require

      • maintenance of certain amount

      • monthly fees

      • etc

  • (Objective):

    • this sub account is for your long-term savings, ie:

Your long term savings should not be mixed with your daily expenses
Your long term savings should not be mixed with your daily expenses

Remember, ALWAYS "Pay yourself first"

  • It is a game changer.

Then, determine your monthly budget per your lifestyle

  • Click here for the budgeting tool

  • First, list out the:

    • first & last day of the month on Column L

      • for example: if its the month of August:

        • put 1/Aug/2022 on cell L5

        • and 31/Aug/2022 on cell L7

  • Next, List out your monthly expenditures items on Column D, into the 2 segments of:

    • i) Fixed monthly one-off expenses

      • Rental/ Mortgage

      • Phone bill

      • Gym membership

      • Subscriptions (Netflix, Spotify etc)

      • add others where you see fit

    • ii) Expenses which are incurred on daily basis

      • Daily meals:

        • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

        • Groceries

      • Transportation

      • Entertainment

      • General expenses, etc

      • add others where you see fit

  • and their respective expenses (in $) in Column E.

And track all your expenses in Column G.

Under "Daily expenses"

  • exp: after paying your monthly rental of $1000, list it out on cell G6,

  • and you can see the Balance left on cell F6 will be 0.

Under "Daily expenses"

  • Track your daily expenses on Column G

  • For exp: if you spent:

    • $5 for breakfast

      • (you would have $2 extra saved at the end of the day)

    • $7 for lunch

    • $10 for dinner

      • (you would have spent more than $3 of your allocated budget)

  • Column H will show you the available balance left for the day, so it will serve as a reminder to not overspend.

Benefits of this budgeting system

  1. Will reduce the chances from overspending on a daily basis

  2. for any excess money which were unused

  • they could be moved to your "Long term savings" acc

    • Investment funds

    • Emergency funds



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