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Cracking the Code: Finding Top-Rated Product Companies in the Fastest Growing Industries

Updated: Jan 6

Table of contents:

Disclaimer: This communication is provided for information purposes only and is not intended as a recommendation or a solicitation to buy, sell or hold any investment product. Readers are solely responsible for their own investment decisions.


Prerequisite readings:

After identifying a fast growing industry that CAGR is growing higher than your required rate of annual returns.

  • The next step would be to identify the best products / services within the segment

    • and then find out the company that is providing them.

Customers' reviews will tell if a company makes great products.

How to identify the best products in a certain segments?

1) Start with using AI-powered chatbots to gather information

It appears that cybersolutions (a segment from cybersecurity) is one of the fastest growing industries in the nex few years (based on  

What are some of the publicly listed companies that have the best product ratings & are generating a significant amount of revenue (in % wise) from the listed industry above, pls provide response in a table format.
  • and you should be getting a response like this:

Image source: BingChat on 2Nov2023
Image source: BingChat on 4Nov2023

2) Confirm the findings on customer review sites

  • It is better to find reviews from the products' end-users themselves (in oppose to reviews from reviewers sites which may be biased).

  • Here are some of my favourite platforms to find products' reviews from customers.

Consumer review sites for software products:

  • For softwares, is the most reliable one.

  • Similarly for a start, you can use BingChat to gather an overview by using a prompt like this

Please help me gather all the product reviews of Fortinet from in a table format,
that shows the amount of customer reviews for each product too.
  • And you should get a result like this

Image source: BingChat on 2Nov2023
Image source: BingChat on 4Nov2023
  • Or you could head over to directly and look at the product list page, which will show all the reviews of their products.

  • It is also useful to see to see how do the products rank against other players in the segment they are operating in.

    • to do so, click on one of the products,

    • and click on the segment

  • here, it will show you the best products within the segment

  • What I like to do is to use the G2 Grid view

  • And you can see the product's positioning based on the customers reviews received.

  • You will want to do this for the main products of the company which are generating (or have future potential) significant revenue.

Consumer review sites for non-software products:

  • Here are some of my favourite platforms to gather end-user reviews of non-software related products.

Consumer electronics

Electric Vehicles


  • Google Maps reviews

Guideline when choosing these end-customer review sites

  • Opt for sites which have high traffic, as higher sample size is generally better.

    • you can use sites like to check the site's traffic trend.


  • To find the best product companies to invest in,

  • Identify fast-growing industries and then find the companies with the best products in those industries.

    • Use AI-powered chatbots to gather information and customer review sites to confirm your findings.


Looking for a set of checklists to identify great companies for your portfolio?



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